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Frontier spire banner.png
"Shrouded in mystery, no one knows how and when this towering Spire came about. Dubbed the "Frontier Spire", an alert has been sent out to all capable Summoners to explore this structure and uncover the enigmas it contains."


Located in the Survey Office in Imperial Capital Randall, Frontier Spire allows Summoners to fight through floors of increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Hunter Orbs, similar to those used during Frontier Hunter, are required to participate in the Frontier Spire.

Hunter Orbs recover once every 3 hours.

Frontier Spire Item Sets

Sanctioned Supplies 1
Item thum 21000.png Item thum 20100.png Item thum 21100.png Item thum 800017.png Item thum 22500.png
x3 x2 x1 x1 x1
Sanctioned Supplies 2
Item thum 800017.png Item thum 21100.png Item thum 21110.png
x2 x1 x1
Sanctioned Supplies 3
Item thum 20100.png Item thum 21100.png
x12 x1
Sanctioned Supplies 4
Item thum 21000.png Item thum 22500.png
x6 x1

List of Frontier Spire Cycles

List of Frontier Spire Sectors

Frontier Spire

Sector 1Sector 2Sector 3Sector 4Sector 5Sector 6Sector 7Sector 8Sector 9Sector 10Sector 11Sector 12Sector 13Sector 14Sector 15Sector 16Sector 17Sector 18Sector 19Final SectorUnknown Sector