Unlocked after clearing Demonic Agitation (Mission 1)
Grand quest 005 thumLin's Long Day
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
40 5,000 125


  • Side Boss(es):
    • Grand Jelly (can be inflicted with poison)
      • Cannot attack.
      • Casts DEF buff each turn. The only way to kill it is to poison it or use damage over time attack.
      • After 10 turns, Grand Jelly will kill all units.
    • Pirate Goddess Eve (can be inflicted with Paralysis) and 4 Rantouls
      • Eve will remove all buffs and paralyze all units on the first turn and every three turns afterwards. Units with status-preventing spheres, LS, Enhancements etc. will not be paralyzed.
      • Uses Blue Vanquishment up to once per turn.
      • Uses Final Vortice at low health.
    • Thunderbird and Crow Tengu (both can be inflicted with Poison)
      • Both will inflict Injury and Weakness. Your attacks will deal very little damage.
      • Status healer/preventer is recommended.
    • Phoenix Reborn and Bozdell (can be inflicted with poison, curse and paralysis)
      • Every 3 turns, Bozdell will count down from 3. After 3 turns, Bozdell will use Bye-Bye Bomb (Massive AoE attack which removes all buffs. Guarding is necessary). Bozdell will then respawn (The respawn will stop recurring if you kill Phoenix Reborn first).
      • Bozdell will not count down if it is paralyzed or cursed.
      • Phoenix Reborn may use Kaiser Phoenix randomly.
  • Teams Allowed: 1
  • Cost Allowed: 90% of your normal cost
  • Guests: Lin


  • Gold - Completed Survey Mission
  • Silver 1 - Confusion Lake: Beat enemy in 8 turns
  • Silver 2 - Fever Springs: Beat enemy in 4 turns
  • Silver 3 - Steamy Plains: Beat enemy in 4 turns
  • Silver 4 - Mt. Fire Flower: Beat enemy in 5 turns


  • Gem (First Clear)
  • Lin (First Clear)
  • 2 Power Imp Pakpak (20% Clear)
  • 2 Guard Imp Ganju (40% Clear)
  • 2 Healing Imp Fwahl (60% Clear)
  • 2 Vigor Imp Molin (80% Clear)
  • Communicator (100% Clear)


  • Minimum runs needed: 1
  • Run 1
    • Squad 1 (squad with Lin): Start from Camp → Confusion Lake → Fever Springs → Steamy Plains → Mt. Fire Flower (complete)
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