You reject Kranus, and decide to put down the errant Voidling.

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Portrait Dialogue
Music: "A God"
  • You take a deep breath, and steel yourself.
  • This is it. This is your final choice.
  • Your ultimate judgement, in which hangs the balance of the universe.
  • Who are you to decide who lives, and who dies?
  • Yet decide you must—for the fates have seen it fit to foist this burden upon you.
  • And so, you train your weapon on Kranus.
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  • Kranus: I am...disappointed.
  • Kranus: I thought better of you; that you would—no, you MUST—see this madness, and do everything in your power to stop it.
  • Kranus: And yet here you are... Here we are. Our swords, pointed at each other.
  • You shake your head.
  • You know just as well how this would end.
  • Kranus will not relent; not even if you are the one standing in its way.
  • You hope in your heart of hearts that its self-preservation would win out, and that no more Slivers need to be condemned to nonexistence.
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  • But the strange pulsing in Kranus's faceless visage draws your attention.
  • Never have you felt such an aura of apprehension around the normally stoic Sliver.
  • Kranus: Do you truly believe in the Queen, [Summoner]?
  • Kranus: That condemning this universe to silence is a better fate than the violence we are accustomed to?
  • Kranus inclines its head at you, and its gaze seeps into your soul.
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  • Kranus: We are...creatures predisposed to struggle. To fight for our survival in worlds that care little for us.
  • Kranus: But more than that—we are capable of change. Of growth, of death, and of rebirth.
  • Kranus: Despite all the pain and suffering...surely you will not deny the compassion, the healing.
  • You mull over those words, but the Queen's derisive, quiet laughter sounds somewhere next to you.
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  • S'eljah: Laughable. Absolutely laughable.
  • S'eljah: How very noble of you to rely on such *human*sentiments...
  • S'eljah: The better to tug at their heartstrings, perhaps?
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  • S'eljah: Or to mask the fact you are merely an abstract *thing* masquerading as something human?
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  • The Queen's voice lowers to a whisper in your ear.
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  • S'eljah: Do you see, [Summoner]?
  • S'eljah: An otherworldly creature that by all rights should not exist—one that should have perished along with Athensphere...
  • S'eljah: ...Extending its corrupting influence into other worlds, and invoking the chaos within.
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  • S'eljah: That, is the true nature of these ravaging cycles. Naught but corrupting strife.
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  • You close your eyes. For all your efforts in aiding the people of other worlds...were you, too, one of these foreign meddlers?
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  • You turn, and strangely, the Queen is sporting a benevolent smile.
  • S'eljah: I know what you are thinking, my dear. You are not.
  • S'eljah: For you were always meant to do so. Why else were you given the mantle of Summoner?
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  • S'eljah: Not so for a Sliver. They were never meant to achieve self-determination.
  • S'eljah: All must be as it should be; a force equal to you, [Summoner], would only collapse our fragile balance.
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  • S'eljah: Its potential has already exceeded what I feared. Everlasting prosperity can never be; you know that.
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  • If even that which cannot die is destroyed, the ramifications are...dire.
  • Nothing will know the embrace of nonexistence, nor what lies at the end of these interminable cycles.
  • Everlasting prosperity may well become everlasting torment...
  • You cannot allow such a fate to pass.
Music: "Transcendence"
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  • Kranus: ... ...
  • Kranus: If this is what you truly want, [Summoner]...
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  • Kranus: Neither will I yield to your will.
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Portrait Dialogue
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  • Kranus flares white-hot, reminding you of that fateful last moment of Athensphere.
  • The plane shifts, shedding its molten carapace for a cosmic rift.
  • A distant rush of sound reminds you of countless, endless battles—what is to come, and what will ever be.
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  • You look up at the Sliver, whose blazing halo reminds you of gods and demons both—
  • And once again, a struggle to survive begins anew.
  • Only this time, the universe is at stake.
  • For if this fate is not carved in silence, then it will languish in suffering.
Gate of Memoirs: Memoirs of Grand Quest
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