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Item frame 3 Spheres

Giselle's Kiss
Ls sphere thum 3 8 Item Lore
A little something from Giselle as thanks for all the hard work you've been doing for the Orebus Special Inquiry lately.

It is well known through history that a lady's kiss is a sign of affectionate-even intimate-favor, but what is baffling is just how she managed to get this to you. Catching a blown kiss is a figure of speech, not a reality-bending, science-defying feat. And yet, here it is, taking up an invisible space in your hand. You can even see her mischievous smile if you close your eyes and focus hard enough.

Lucky you...?
55% boost to all parameters, hugely boosts BB Atk when HP is over 50%, Spark damage slightly restores HP and boosts BB gauge, 20% chance to reduce damage taken to 1 & 20% additional damage reduction
Effect Values
Passive Effect Potency
Stat up icon Parameter Boost 55% boost to all parameters
Bb atk up BB Atk Boost based on HP Boosts BB Atk by 300% when HP is above 50%
Hp on spark Heal on Spark Heals 100 HP on spark
Regular mitigation Damage Reduction to 1 20% chance of taking 1 damage
Dot miti Damage over Time Mitigation Reduces DoT damage by 20%
Bb on spark buff BC Fill on Spark Boosts BB gauge by 1 BC on spark
Sale Price: Zell thum 999,999 Zel Type: Sphere icon status boost Status Boost
Trade Value: Achievement p thum 1,000 Merit Points Rarity: 6★
How to Obtain (besides Crafting)
  • Video slots - Drops from the free daily slots (fixed amount of 1)

Item Name Quantity
Item thum 800011 Ashes of Orebus 225
Item thum 800003 Cloudweave 100
Karma thum Karma