Gradual Healing
Gradual heal.png
Buff ID 3
Passive ID 33

Gradual Healing (commonly referred to as “Heal over Time” or “HoT”) is a buff and a passive that restores HP at the end of the player’s turn.

Similar to Burst Healing, Gradual Healing buffs have base maximum and minimum values to determine the heal amount along with a value relative to the healer’s Rec added to it. Gradual Healing takes in effect after Additional Damage (Damage over Time) and Poison damage.

Gradual Healing can also be activated at the start of the player’s turn with the use of spheres and SP Enhancements, such as Sacrilege Orb, Diamond Key, one of Howling Wolf Zekt’s SP Enhancements, etc.

A counterpart of Gradual Healing is Burst Healing.


The formula for heal over time is as follows:

Final Healing = RandomBetween(Minimum Base Heal, Maximum Base Heal) + (Total REC * REC Bonus)

Interactions with Damage over Time

Gradual Healing takes effect after Damage over Time; however, if the unit were to reach 0 HP from Damage over Time, Heal over Time will not take effect due to the unit being dead before the effect can be applied.

Interactions with Shields

Shields that have taken damage cannot restore HP. Thus, Gradual Healing cannot heal lost HP from the Shield buff.


  • Passive Gradual Healing is capped at 20000 HP in Arena.
  • Passive Gradual Healing is capped at 30000 HP in Vortex Arena.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Gradual heal.png HP Rec DESC_BUFF_HPREC Recovers HP gradually.


Gradual Healing can be used to combat Damage over Time (DoT) debuffs. Trials and Strategy Zones tend to feature bosses that have DoT debuffs to wear down the player’s team’s HP.

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