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GR Season14

Duration: Aug 09, 20:00 PST ~ Aug 19, 16:59 PST (2018)


GR S14Sched
Date Start Time (PST) End Time (PST)
Match 1-1 Preparation Aug 09 20:00 Aug 11 17:59
Match 1-1 Battle Aug 11 20:00 Aug 12 16:59
Match 1-2 Preparation Aug 16 20:00 Aug 18 17:59
Match 1-2 Battle Aug 18 20:00 Aug 19 16:59


  • Players will be divided into groups with their opponent and queued to enter Guild Raid at the same time. A pop-up message will indicate the assigned start and end time of your respective battle. An equal amount of battle time (21 hours) will be given to each group with respect to the staggered entry time.
  • Participation Reward - Azurai alternate unit art will be given out after maintenance on Aug 22, PST into participating players’ ‘Mystery Chest’ box.
    • To qualify as a participant, you must obtain a minimum score of more than 0 points.

Dev Diary[]

GR S14DevNote

Key Changes to Guild Raid Season 14 (Casual)

  • Guilds can only equip guardians of Light (Skytorch) and Dark (Voidbinder) elements.
  • Increased spawn rates for Light and Dark Elite Monsters.
  • Stand a chance to get 20,000 Guild Relics, Ceulfan, Savei, Global Exclusive Elgifs, Guild Raid Elemental Spheres from New “Light & Dark” Mystery Chests by completing the Luminous Golem and Umbral Golem Event Quests!
  • Complete both event quests in Battles 1 & 2 to receive a Matsuri Chest containing 300 Matsuri Tokens, 1 Matsuri Ticket & 1500 Guild Tokens per battle!
  • New “Light & Dark" Mystery Chests will also be available in the Guild Exchange Hall until Aug. 25, 15:59:59 PST (Aug. 25, 16:59 PDT).
  • The Azurai alternate unit art will be given to all participating Summoners who obtain a score of more than 0 points.
  • Jubilee Orb will be available in Guild Relic Event Bazaar for players who do not own it.
  • There will be no ranking and season reward for Season 14 (Casual).
  • At the end of each match, the same Mystery Chest reward will be given to both teams regardless of the match outcome.
  • The quests available in Season 14 (Casual) will be a different set from the usual Guild Raid.
  • The Season Rewards, other than the Trophy Spheres and Elgifs, has been shifted as Quest Reward.
  • There will be no Trophy Spheres and Elgifs for Season 14 (Casual).