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Duration: Dec. 20, 20:00 PST ~ Dec. 30, 19:59 PST (2017)


Disclaimer: Reward dates might change depending on circumstances during the Season. Please stay updated for any possible changes.

Date Start Time (PST) End Time (PST)
Match 1-1 Preparation Dec 20 20:00 Dec 22 17:59
Match 1-1 Battle Dec 22 20:00 Dec 23 17:59
Match 1-2 Preparation Dec 27 20:00 Dec 29 17:59
Match 1-2 Battle Dec 29 20:00 Dec 30 17:59

Dev Diary[]

GR S8DevDiary

Here are the changes we have made for Season 8:

  • Selection of Guardians
    • Guilds can only equip guardians of Fire (Asheater) and Thunder (Galescream) element during this season. Players are encouraged to form mono element squads of Water and Earth element, which will be effective against the Guardians’ element.
  • Rates up for Elite Monsters
    • The spawn rate of Fire and Thunder Elite monsters has been increased.
  • Event Bazaar Guild Relic
    • Exchange units from Event Bazaar using Guild Relic!
      • Past Season Guild Raid Trophy units - 20,000 Guild Relics.
      • Global Exclusive Elemental Elgifs (Aeterno Lv.2) - 10,000 Guild Relics.
    • More exclusive rewards will be added in Event Bazaar periodically.
    • Guild Relic is currently obtainable from Season and Anniversary Mystery Chests.
      • Look out for alternative ways to receive the Guild Relic in our future events!
  • New Solo Event Quests
    • Search and defeat Elite Inferno Golems & Elite Thunder Golems to receive an Anniversary Mystery Chest!
    • Complete both event quests in a match and receive an Anniversary Summon Ticket!
  • New Anniversary Mystery Chests
    • Stand a chance to get 20,000 Guild Relics, past season Trophy’s units, Global Exclusive Elgifs, Guild Raid Elemental Spheres and more!
    • Get Premium Anniversary Mystery Chest with double chance of receiving 20,000 Guild Relics and past season Trophy’s units!
    • Premium and Anniversary Mystery Chest contains a guaranteed amount of 500 and 250 Guild Relics respectively!
    • Anniversary Mystery Chests are exchangeable in Guild Exchange Hall from Nov. 22, 04:00 PST ~ Dec. 16, 15:59 PST.


The Top 10 Guilds of Season 8 will receive an exclusive alternate art version of Starpyre Lancer Zeis, Jubilee Orb Sphere, and Miracle Aegis Elgif! Starting from this season, Guild Relic will be included in the Season Mystery Chests too!

Check out below for the Starpyre Lancer Zeis's Alternate Art, Jubilee Orb Sphere, and the Miracle Aegis Elgif!

GR Zeis2

GR S8Sphere
Jubilee Orb Sphere
Type: Spark


  • 40% boost to all parameters, greatly boosts Spark damage [150%] and BC, HC drop rate [75%] & greatly restores HP each turn [3000-3500HP].
  • Adds considerably reduces damage [15%] from all types for 1 turn effect to SBB & boosts Spark damage [50%] when HP is full in Guild Raid.

Miraculous Aegis Elgif

  • 35% boost to all parameters, considerably boosts elemental damage [75%], negates elemental damage & boosts BC, HC drop rate [25%] when attacking.

Ranking Rewards[]

GR S8Rewards

Top Rewards from each respective chest:

  • Platinum Chest (Top 10) : Zeis Alternate Art + Jubilee Orb sphere + Miracle Aegis Elgif + 10,000 Guild Relics
  • Platinum Chest (Rank 11 - 1.5%) : Jubilee Orb sphere + Miracle Aegis Elgif + 8,000 Guild Relics
  • Gold Chest (>1.5% - 5%) : Miracle Aegis Elgif + Chance to get Distilled Ether + 6,000 Guild Relics
  • Gold Chest (>5% - 10%) : Global Exclusive Elemental Elgif + 4,000 Guild Relics
  • Silver Chest (>10% - 50%) : Chance to get Global Exclusive Elemental Elgif + 2,000 to 3,000 Guild Relics
  • Bronze Chest (>50%) : Chance to get 1 gem + 500 to 1,000 Guild Relics