HC Efficacy Reduction
Hc heal reduce.png
Buff ID 10023
Passive ID 10552

HC Efficacy Reduction is a debuff that reduces the amount of HP healed from collected Heart Crystals (HC). These debuff effects stack subtractively with other HC Efficacy effects, such as from Leader Skills, Extra Skills, Spheres, Elgifs and SP Enhancements.

Its opposite counterpart is HC Efficacy.


Amount Healed = Total REC * (100% + HC Effectiveness Multiplier) / RandomBetween(3.0, 4.2)


For every HC obtained, HC Efficacy Reduction heals less HP.

For example, Lord-type max-leveled Kaiser Glowy is afflicted with Grand Mitrailleur Serin's HC effectiveness reduction debuff on her SP-enhanced SBB.

  • Assuming no imps were fused, Kaiser Glowy’s Rec stat is 907.
  • Without Serin's debuff active, Kaiser Glowy will heal anywhere between 215~302 HP.
  • With Serin's debuff active, Kaiser Glowy will heal anywhere between 151~212 HP.

Negating HC Efficacy Reduction

Dual Brave Burst effects with Elemental Synergy: Radiance can negate HC Efficacy Reduction effects, as well as Max HP Reduction effects. Probabilities and buff durations are listed below.

Bond Levels Probability Buff Duration
1 60% 3 turns
2 70% 3 turns
3~4 80% 3 turns
5 90% 3 turns
6 90% 4 turns
7 100% 4 turns
8~10 100% 5 turns

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Hc heal reduce.png HCHeal DESC_HC_HEAL_REDUCE HC heal reduced.

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