HP-conditional Target Chance Boost
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 28

HP-conditional Target Chance Boost is a passive effect that provides Target Chance Boost when the unit meets below a certain HP threshold as part of a conditional effect.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Target decrease.png Hide DESC_BUFF_REPENEATT Repels enemy's attention.


  • Stealth Robe are the only items to provide this effect.
  • One method of clearing Trials was equipping Lightning Gun Rowgen with Stealth Robe and Guardian Cloak. Leaving Rowgen the only unit remaining in the fight, this would force the enemies to only use normal attacks as long as Rowgen's HP was under 50%. The drawback to this was that it would require the use of healing items such as Cure to prevent him from being defeated by the normal attacks.
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