HP-scaled Damage
Buff ID 47
Passive ID N/A

HP-scaled Damage is damage from an attack that scales based on the unit’s HP relative to its max base HP. This is one of the most reliable methods of reaching a unit’s Atk parameter limit.

HP-scaled Damage always contains a base BB Atk along with another modifier that is manipulated based on the quotient of the unit’s current HP value and the unit’s base HP stat. The higher the unit’s HP stat is, the higher the HP-scaled modifier will become.

In the unit description, an attack is considered HP-scaled if “damage relative to remaining HP”.


Total BB Atk = Base BB Atk + (HP-scaling BB Atk * (current HP value / max base HP))


  • Pure General Regil has an HP-scaling SBB with full HP and Lord typing, and is equipped with Occult Treasure.
    • Regil’s base max HP stat at Lv150 is 8372, assuming no imps.
    • Regil at full HP has a HP value of 11720, rounded down after factoring in Occult Treasure.
    • Base BB Atk modifier is 200%.
    • HP-scaling BB Atk modifier is 700%. Multiplying this by (11720 / 8372) results in a modifier of 979.933%.
    • Adding both base and HP-scaling BB Atk modifiers, the final BB Atk modifier on Regil’s SBB is 1179%, rounded down.


  • HP-scaled Damage used to scale proportional to the amount of HP the unit had remaining relative to its full HP stat. This meant that the HP-scaling modifier would never become modified to a value higher than the original value.
  • Upon the updates made to HP-scaled Damage, Negative HP-scaled Damage was affected. Due to the changes made, it was possible for the HP-scaling modifier to reach negative values, and caused Korzan’s UBB to deal 1 damage. This was fixed in a later patch.
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