Heal when attacked
Heal when hit.png
Buff ID 85
Passive ID 24

Heal when attacked (also referred to as HP on Hit) is an effect that causes a unit to regen HP after taking damage.

Heal when attacked usually comes with a probability of activation and two percent values (usually a minimum and a maximum) on the amount of damage taken that is then recovered as HP.

If an effect has a chance of restoring heal when attacked, each attack calculates that probability separately.

If a unit is hit by a Random Target attack, each random hit will restore HP, rather than being calculated based on the entirety of the attack.

Additional Damage and Poison damage do not trigger this effect.


  • Endless Cycle Limilnate’s BB provides a heal when attacked buff that has a 30% chance of recovering 30-35% of the damage taken. In this scenario, if a unit were to take 15,000 damage, that unit would have a 30% chance of recovering any amount of HP between 4,500 and 5,250.
  • If a unit is hit with three different enemy attacks (not hit counts) and has an HP-on-hit effect that activates at a 50% chance, that unit will have a 50% chance to proc the heal when attacked buff per each attack, meaning that after all three attacks have finished, that unit has an 87.5% chance of the heal when attacked buff proccing at least once.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Heal when hit.png Dmg HP Recovery DESC_BUFF_BEENATK_HPREC HP recovery when attacked.


  • Units or enemies that utilize a heal when attacked effect that restores more than 100% of the damage received will technically heal more than the damage received. This, of course, is still affected by the base HP cap, which is 99,999.
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