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Hero's Song
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English Hero's Song
English (Translated) Song of the Hero
Japanese 英雄の歌
Composer Hikoshi Hashimoto
Length 0:32
Length (OST) 1:12
Zel Cost 1200 Zell thum

"Hymn sung in the Akras Summoner's Hall."

Hero's Song is a musical piece composed by Hikoshi Hashimoto that is used in Brave Frontier. It is also the first song in Disc 1 of the Brave Frontier Original Soundtrack.


Until August 2019, Hero's Song served as the theme of the game's title screen. The song is now replaced with Legend as the new music theme of the game's title screen.

How to Unlock[]

This song becomes available for purchase in the Music House upon clearing "Cave of Dancing Flames" in Mistral's Cave of Flames.