Item frame 5 Raid Materials & Items

Holy Gear
Item thum 1104
Item Lore:
An organ made of metal that was successfully taken out of a wound inflicted upon Van Lucy. It resembles a gear very closely, hence its name, but the many teeth on it that would facilitate its rotation are not connected to movement. With that being said, since this organ cannot be found in other common animals, its function remains a mystery. The only thing that is certain is that it hides incredible magical power.
A piece of Van Lucy that closely resembles machinery.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 5 4 Phoenix Wing 1
Sphere thum 5 4 Phoenix Orb 4

How to Obtain
Trivia, Additional Information & Notes
  • Best place to farm - Two Beast Tango (RC4/3): Main Body (20%)