Holy Spirit's Oracle
Rarity 6
Trade Value Achievement p thum 600 Merit Points
Unit ills full 50792
Extra Skill
30% boost to all parameters & negates all status ailments and Atk, Def, Rec reduction effects
How to Obtain
Negation-type Elgifs
Status Ailments Poison GuardWeak GuardSick GuardInjury GuardCurse GuardParalysis GuardPoison, Injury, Weak GuardCurse, Paralysis, Sick GuardGoddess's ProtectionFlashing MemoriesIgnis Aeterno Lv. 1Ignis Aeterno Lv. 2Ignis Aeterno Lv. 3Algor Aeterno Lv. 1Algor Aeterno Lv. 2Algor Aeterno Lv. 3Terra Aeterno Lv. 1Terra Aeterno Lv. 2Terra Aeterno Lv. 3Fulgur Aeterno Lv. 1Fulgur Aeterno Lv. 2Fulgur Aeterno Lv. 3Lux Aeterno Lv. 1Lux Aeterno Lv. 2Lux Aeterno Lv. 3Umbra Aeterno Lv. 1Umbra Aeterno Lv. 2Umbra Aeterno Lv. 3Holy Spirit's OracleBrave Winter
Stat Debuffs Hermit's BarrierHoly Spirit's Oracle
Elemental Damage Proof of SanctityFlowing MemoriesDeus Corona
Critical Damage Divine FortuneBenevolent Tears
Def-ignoring Damage Iron ShieldCelestial ShieldImperial EncouragementRebel God's Shield
Other Holy King's DevotionFirst God's MiracleGoddess's BlessingSaintly BaptismSacred Goddess' ShieldShield of FortuneSacred Shield's BlessingFirst God's BlessingBrave TenacityWondrous AegisMiracle AegisBrave SummerBrave AutumnRaiseRe-RaiseQuintan Bash