"So you're my opponent... Very well. Show me how much you've managed to improve."


This Trial can only be accessed once Oracle Knight Ark  (Trial No. 007) has been defeated in the Summoners' Research Lab



You may use up to 3 squads and 1 item set for this battle. Each of the squads must have unique units in them and you are allowed up to double your total cost. You can select a different friend from your entire friends list for each squad that you can bring in. There is no cooldown when using a friend to fight Eriole and Tesla. Your items do not get replenished when a team dies, so bring as many healing items, elemental seals, BB gauge support items, Revive items, and status cure items.

Recommended Leaders:

  • Effulgent Dusk Grahdens - 50% boost to all parameters & 15% damage reduction from Light and Dark types.
  • Fabled Emperor Kulyuk - 50% boost to Def, max HP, boosts Def, Rec when HP is low & negates all status ailments and elemental damage
  • Fulgur Halcyon Eze - 50% boost to ATK & 30% boost to max HP of Thunder types, 100% boost to ATK & 30% boost to Max HP of all Units, 120% Spark damage boost and fills BB gauge when Sparking.
  • Radiating Grandeur Paris - 40% boost to Max HP, damage taken fills BB gauge & probable damage reduction to 1 when attacked.
  • Status nullification (Griel, Reihard, Tilith, etc.)
  • BC fill when attacked (Oguro, Lilly Matah, Orna, Laberd, Paris etc.)
  • Damage reduction (Magnazorda, Zerafalgar, Allanon, Gazia, etc.)
  • HP boost (Grahdens, Ark, Owen, Laberd, Kulyuk, Limera etc.)
  • BC/HC boost (Griel, Feeva, Zelnite, Semira, Julius etc.)
  • Boosts BB gauge on Spark (Rosetta, Raaga, Zenia, Rhoa, Chrome)

Recommended Units:

  • Units with at least 10,500 HP (including LS/Sphere boosts)
  • A mitigation unit to lower incoming damage:
    • Leviathan Sage Elimo - Acts as healer, mitigator and status cleanser. ES ensures almost consistent BB usage.
    • Flora Aegis Edea - Adds statuses to attack which can help against certain enemies. Can cleanse status ailments even without Lafdranya.
    • Ice Bastion Zeldeus - Greatly boosts DEF on his SBB, good leader skill, and high DEF status, 1-hit AoE BB/SBB that can provide BB Atk buff on ES
    • Grave Carver Aaron - Boosts DEF on SBB, boosts BB gauge with BB/SBB
    • Mad Heretic Gazia - Boosts DEF relative to ATK and boost ATK relative to DEF. Also boosts BB ATK on SBB
    • Heavenly Claymore Dolk-Boosts HC BC drop 30%, negates Atk, Def, Rec reduction for 1 turn &boosts Def relative to Atk for 3 turns
  • A unit to help with BB fill:
    • Thunderbird Sabre Diana - Boosts BB gauge when attacked, fills BB gauge each turn & BC and HC drop rate buff.
    • Tidal Nacre Medina - Increases allies' BB gauges with BB/SBB, boosts BB gauge when attacked
    • Cataclysm Empress Feeva - High hit count BB/SBB, provides BC/HC drop rate boost
    • Demonic Idol Kikuri - Boost BB gauge when attacked buff on SBB. High BC drop on Normal attack and SBB.
    • Temptress Xie'Jing - Massive SBB damage, have a DoT debuff on SBB and BB gauge fill when attacked buff on SBB.
    • Valkyrie Archangel Griel - Negates all status ailments, also boosts HP, provides BC/HC drop rate boost, chance to reduce Atk for SBB.
    • Inferno Rifle Bestie - Very excellent as a lead, boosts BB gauge fill rate, BB gauge per turn & when attacked
    • Emerald Radiance Libera - Boosts BC/HC drop rate, and boosts BB gauge when attacked on SBB. Also has REC -> ATK conversion buff
    • Obsidian Seraph Zenia - Excellent as a lead, boosts BB gauge on BB & deals huge damage. Boosts normal hit count on UBB
  • Units for dealing damage:
    • Gaia Sennin Oguro - Very powerful infinite SBB attack with ATK buff to self, and good Extra Skill.
    • Grand Malediction Yuura - Very powerful infinite SBB attack with Damage over Time effect, and good Extra Skill.
    • Herculean Ultor - Massive damage on BB and SBB, applies DoT buff on BB, boosts Atk on SBB & can divert all single target attacks to self with Taunt
    • Obsidian Seraph Zenia - Same as above
    • Hellion Armor Reis - Great as a lead, boosts critical hit damage on LS, ES and SBB. Fills BB gauge when landing a critical hit
    • Roaring Staff Rhoa - Great as lead, adds Thunder and Earth element to attack, provides Defense Ignore effect with BB/SBB via Extra Skill
    • Sanguine Hood Ciara - Attack buff, high damage SBB and BB, adds fire, water, earth, and thunder to attack.
  • Unit that can heal and prevent status ailment (due to status reflect)
    • Magnum Opus Rigness - Cures status ailments, stat debuffs and Heals HP, has a multi-elemental SBB attack
    • Heavenly Emperor Kanon - Very good as sub Unit or Leader, can cure stat debuffs and boosts DEF, with 3-turn 50% mitigation through UBB
    • Galactic Treasure Ivris - Can provide Angel Idol buff to 2 random allies through UBB, provides Angel Idol to self at low HP through Extra Skill.
    • Resplendent Queen Rinon - Recovers HP , cure and negate Status Aliment on BB / SBB , can add Light & Dark elemental to Attack for 3 turns on BB / SBB
    • Gaia Tree Vertri - Recovers HP, cures and negates Status Ailments and Stat Debuffs on BB/SBB, boosts BB gauge and BB gauge fill rate on BB/SBB and provides 50% chance of applying Angel Idol buff to all allies through UBB
    • Ruinous Andaria - Can inflict paralysis on BB, cure and prevent status ailments, add Ares Buff, BB regen, and BB when attacked.
    • Pumleficent Semira - Inflict paralysis and poison on BB/SBB, as well as cure and prevent status ailments.
  • Unit that can paralyze/poison (to deal with Tesla)
  • Taunt (recommended for Room 2 since Eriole tends to focus hits on a single unit, not for Room 1 because of Eriole's Heroic Anthem which might cost a lot of revives)
    • Herculean Ultor - Excellent unit for dealing damage, boost critical damage (SBB and UBB), 75% damage reduction for 1 turn (UBB)
    • Deimos Thunderborn - Very nice LS for survival, Nullifies all status ailments (LS) which frees up a slot for Status Cleaners/Null, Excellent ES, Buffs for all units in SBB, 3 turn 50% mitigation (UBB)

Recommended Items:

  • Fujin Items - To instantly fill BB gauge in BC shortage from Eriole's Royal Guard or Everlasting Loss
  • Revives - Mandatory since Eriole can kill units with normal attacks starting from Everlasting Loss
  • Attack Potions - To help nuking from 10% to 0% in Eriole's second form
  • Hero Crystal - In case of UBB mitigation shortage from Eriole's threshold attacks


Round 1

Unit ills thum 50444.png Eriole

  • Has 2,000,000 HP'.
  • Has BC/HC resist
  • Susceptible to Sickness and Poison
  • Luna Tempest - 6 combo Light attack on all foes, 15% chance to inflict Injury, Weak & 10% chance to inflict Paralysis, Poison
  • Imperial Guard - Reduces damage taken by 50% and reflects 20~25% of damage taken for 1 turn & recovers 10,000 ~ 12,000 HP for 3 turns
  • Soul Desperado - 6 combo Light attack on all enemies
  • Eternal Loss - 13 combo powerful Light attack on all enemies
  • At < 80% HP
    • Royal Enchantment - Boosts Atk by 50% and doubles normal hit count for 2 turns (Extra hits deal 20% more damage)
  • At < 70% & 50% HP
    • Valiant Thrust - Reduces HP to 1
  • At < 40%, 30%, 20% & 10% HP
    • Heroic Anthem - 6 combo monumental (1000%) attack on single foe
      • Can be survived with 50% mitigation with Shield/Def Boost
      • Advised to guard Dark Units since they can be knocked out even with 50% mitigation, 75% or better is preffered
      • Can be made to cast only once by nuking from 50% to 20% or below (Valiant Thrust will overwrite Heroic Anthem)

Round 2

Unit ills thum 20525.png Blind Justice Tesla

  • Has 3,000,000 HP.
  • Susceptible to Paralysis and Poison (Still summons Eriole at 90% even when paralyzed) 
  • Has BC/HC resist
  • Resistance against BB Atk
  • Force Distortion - Reduces damage taken from certain elements by 80% for 1 turn. Used every turn
  • Aqua Slide - 10 combo Powerful Water attack on single foe
  • Aqua Fort - Recovers 20,000 ~ 30,000 HP & reduces damage taken by half for 1 turn
  • Liber Astaria - 18 combo Water attack on all enemies & greatly boosts own Spark damage by 30% for 3 turns
  • Divine Field - Boosts Def by 200% and gradually recovers 20,000 ~ 25,000 HP for 999 turns for all allies & removes all buffs
  • Astral Force - Boosts critical hit rate by 20%, critical damage by 50% and doubles normal hit count for 999 turns (Extra hits deal 25% more damage)
  • At < 90% HP
  • Sacrificial Love - Boosts Atk by 100%, Def by 200% and gradually recovers 20,000 ~ 25,000 HP for 999 turns & removes all buffs
    • Friend Call 1 - Summons Winged Lord Eriole & lowers resistance to Paralysis by 20% for 999 turns
  • At < 60% HP OR when Winged Lord Eriole has < 77% HP
    • Depletion Slide - 18 combo Water attack on all foes, reduces BB Atk by 200%, SBB Atk by 300% and UBB Atk by 800% for 2 turns
      • UBB mitigation or UBB shield (Gazia or Tridon) is highly recommended, since it casts along with Eriole's Rage of the Past
  • At <30% HP
    • Flame of the Abyss - 10 combo Water attack on single foe & removes all buffs
    • Everlasting - Reduces damage taken by half for 1 turn, adds 20% chance to inflict Injury, Weak, Paralysis, Poison effects to attack for 999 turns & adds resistance against 1 KO attack
  • Revives at 0% HP

Unit ills thum 50445.png Winged Lord Eriole

  • Has 3,500,000 HP.
  • Has BC/HC resist
  • Susceptible to Sickness
  • Rogue Ambition - 18 combo powerful Light attack on all enemies
  • Flame of the Abyss - Single target attack, removes buffs
  • Royal Guard - Raises buffed and base BC resistance by 80% for 1 turn
  • Astral Revolt - 18 combo massive Light attack on all foes & adds 20% chance to reflect random status ailment for 999 turns
  • At <77% OR when Blind Justice Tesla has <60% HP
    • Rage of the Past - 18 combo enormous (500%) Light attack on all foes & boosts Atk by 50% for 999 turns
  • At < 50% HP
    • Evil Intent Judgement - 25 combo powerful Light attack on all foes, 20% chance of reducing enemies' Atk and Def by 50% for 1 turn
  • At 40%, 30% and 20%
  • Heroic Gospel - 9 combo Powerful Light attack on all foes that deals 150% of HP as damage
  • When Blind Justice Tesla has < 30% HP
    • Everlasting Loss - Boosts Light Atk by 80%, protects against 1 KO on all allies, and reduces enemies' BB gauge by 100%
  • At < 10% HP
    • Cataclysmic End - 17 combo enormous (500%) attack on all foes & removes all buffs
      • Can be cancelled pre-revival by nuking from 10%-0
      • Cast once again three turns after it should have been used even when you nuked him.
      • Can be survived through double Gazia Leads and guarding (Total Stack of 20% Mitigation (LS) plus additional 20% Mitigation by Guarding (LS), + Guarding Mitigation)
      • Highly difficult to survive unless you have ES/LS reduce to 1 damage, angel idol buff when below 20% hp or extremely high HP (25000+) and defence (10000+)
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