Instant Synergy Gauge Fill
Buff ID 10029
Passive ID N/A

Instant Synergy Gauge Fill is an effect that fills the Synergy Gauge with a certain amount of Synergy Shards. Within player accessibility, this effect appears exclusively on DBB effects with the Steam synergy.

Upon using Steam, a cooldown counter will be incurred, preventing the player from using any DBB with the Steam synergy until the cooldown counter reaches 0.

Negative values of Instant Synergy Gauge Fill will decrease the number of shards. One example of this is Dichroma Shadow's Depletion Field skill, which reduces the Synergy Gauge by 1 shard.

Elemental Synergy: Steam

The Elemental Synergy: Steam fills the Synergy Shard gauge upon usage. Regardless of Bond Level, Steam will always fill 5 Synergy Shards.

Bond Levels Shard Fill Cooldown
(start of battle)
(upon usage)
1 5 9 turns 9 turns
2 5 8 turns 8 turns
3 5 7 turns 7 turns
4 5 6 turns 7 turns
5 5 5 turns 6 turns
6 5 4 turns 6 turns
7~10 5 ? turns 6 turns
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