KO Resistance Negation
Ai null.png
Buff ID 10025
Passive ID 10510

KO Resistance Negation (also known as Angel Idol negation or AI null) is a debuff effect that prevents the activation of Guaranteed KO Resistance and Chance KO Resistance. This debuff cannot take effect if the unit already has its Angel Idol effect activated.

This effect is available on certain Unit Skills, particularly on units from the Vortex Arena Season 3 batch onward and select other units. However, these effects are only applicable to Arena, Colosseum, and Vortex Arena.

Elemental Synergy: Cyclone

The Elemental Synergy: Cyclone has a chance of negating KO Resistance effects. Probabilities and buff durations are listed below.

Bond Levels Probability Buff Duration
1 50% 2 turns
2 60% 2 turns
3~4 75% 2 turns
5 85% 2 turns
6 85% 3 turns
7 100% 3 turns
8~10 100% 4 turns

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Ai null.png Negate KO Resistance DESC_BUFF_NEGATEANGEL Negate KO Resistance


  • Using units that can inflict AI null for Colosseum is recommended since the enemy team has access to Extra Skill and SP options compared to Arena.

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