For a list of units obtainable outside summon gates, see List of Freely Obtainable Units.

This list includes units that are in the permanent summon pools of each of their respective summon gates.

Regular Summon Pool

Unless stated otherwise, Regular Summon gates feature four different categories: Featured, Post-Kranus, Post-Azurai, and Pre-Azurai. The following units listed will always appear in every summon gate that allows you to summon 5★~7★ units.

The rates for Regular Summon gates of newly featured units are listed below. Each summon counts as a step, with Step 8 being the maximum step that does not reset until the end of the summon event.

Step Featured Post-Kranus Post-Azurai Pre-Azurai
Step 1 1% 3% 38% 58%
Step 2 1.5% 3% 38% 57.5%
Step 3 2% 3% 38% 57%
Step 4 2.5% 3% 38% 56.5%
Step 5 3% 3% 38% 56%
Step 6 3.5% 3% 38% 55.5%
Step 7 4% 3% 38% 55%
Max Step 5% 3% 38% 54%

Vortex Arena Summon

Vortex Arena Summon is a reoccurring summon gate that returns monthly. Units are added to the Regular Summon pool of units in the Post-Azurai and Post-Kranus pools.

Brave Summon

Brave Summon is a permanent summon gate that features at most 50 units that are generally featured in reoccurring summon gates, such as Vortex Arena Summon, Frontier Rift, etc. Each unit has a 2% fixed rate of summon.

For a full list of units featured in Brave Summon, see List of Summonable Units/Brave Summon.

Legacy Summon

Legacy Summon is a permanent summon gate that features units from Kulyuk to Ewan's batch. Unlike Regular Summon and Super Rare Summon Plus, all units obtainable in Legacy Summon have evenly distributed rates.

Each summon costs 4 Gems.

Super Rare Summon Plus

Super Rare Summon Plus is a reoccurring summon event that brings back units released prior to Kulyuk’s batch. These gates feature four different categories: Global Exclusive, Wyvern to Aisha Batch, Michele to Vanberk Batch, and Kira to Berdette Batch. The following units listed will always be summoned at their base form.

Unlike Divine Summon gates, Super Rare Summon Plus features no rate up. Units summoned from Super Rare Summon Plus gates can be summoned at a minimum 3★ rarity.

As of December 31, 2018, the first three summons are discounted at 1 Gem per summon daily.

Category Number of Units Summon Rate
Global Exclusive 27 9%
Wyvern to Aisha 40 26%
Michele to Vanberk 78 43%
Kira to Berdette 78 22%

Super Honor Summon

Super Honor Summon is a summon gate that uses Honor Points as a form of currency to summon instead of Gems and Summon Tickets. This summon gate is permanently available for players to summon fusion materials to raise their units.

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