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Master of the Hunt
Data ID 8850001
Rarity Phantom icon
Trade Value Achievement p thum 0 Merit Points
Unit ills full 50792
Extra Skill
10% boost to Atk and considerably boosts BB gauge when guarding for all allies, 150% boost to Atk, greatly boosts critical rate & adds probability of activating BB/SBB/UBB twice for 3 turns effect to UBB
Effect Values
Passive Effect Potency Target
Stat up icon Parameter Boost 10% boost to Atk All allies
Stat up icon Parameter Boost 150% boost to Atk and 30% boost to critical rate To self
Bc on guard buff BC Fill on Guard Boosts BB gauge by 4 BC when guarding All allies
Amnesia Added Effect to Brave Burst Adds the following effect(s) to UBB: To self
How to Obtain