Max HP Reduction
Maxhp reduce.png
Buff ID 10021
Passive ID 10501

Max HP Reduction is a debuff that reduces the max HP of affected units and enemies. This debuff stacks subtractively with other sources that boost or reduce HP.

Unlike Max HP Boost which is permanently active, Max HP Reduction has a turn duration which wears off after a specified amount of turns similar to status ailments and most other debuffs.

Negating Max HP Reduction

Dual Brave Burst effects with Elemental Synergy: Radiance can negate Max HP Reduction effects, as well as Heal Reduction effects. Probabilities and buff durations are listed below.

Bond Levels Probability Buff Duration
1 60% 3 turns
2 70% 3 turns
3~4 80% 3 turns
5 90% 3 turns
6 90% 4 turns
7 100% 4 turns
8~10 100% 5 turns

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Maxhp reduce.png HPDown DESC_MAX_HP_DOWN Max HP reduced.

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