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Element Element Light Light
Gender Gender female Female
Eyes Blue Green
Hair Violet
Currently Valdroar
Unit Counterpart Mel

Mel is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the game. She is one of the antagonists in the Otherworld story arc, working for the Elgaia Federation's Abel Faction. She works alongside Rahnas and Garett.

Debut Appearance

Mel first appeared in the cutscene after the Summoner and Lugina defeated the Divine Machine in Bectas.


Mel works for the Elgaia Federation's Abel Faction, alongside Rahnas and Garrett. She first encounters the Summoner in the Gallum Ice Ridge in Vilanciel. She then fights the Summoner without any warning. Garett, later on, intervenes the fight and told Mel that their job to infect the Mystical Wolf was complete. While leaving, Mel then attacks Reda to stop her from following them.

During the events in Rokkzalm, the Summoners encounter Mel, as well as Garrett, in the Ankash Ruins, in which they make a truce to work together and take out the Enchanted Armor. Garret then orders Mel to work alongside the Summoner as one of the teams to take out the Enchanted Armor. Shortly after the Enchanted Armor was defeated, she and Garret quickly call off the truce and decide to eliminate the Summoners immediately. However, as the Enchanted Armor was reviving, the two decided to cancel the elimination of the Summoners and retreated in order to catch up to Rahnas.

Mel and Garrett, later on, meet up with Rahnas in the Hollow Ravine to report what they have scouted in Rokkzalm. During the discussion, Rahnas orders Mel to strike a stalking Grahdens. As the groups were about to fight, the Enchanted Armor intervenes and sets its target on the Summoners. With the opportunity, Mel and her gang retreat once again.

While Rahnas was doing his evil scheme in the Armor Hall, Mel, alongside Garrett was ordered to eliminate the Summoners to prevent them from reaching Rahnas. Although the Summoners were not eliminated, they stalled them long enough in order for Rahnas to complete his scheme. However, Bertz then betrays Mel and company by stealing the Divine Core's power. Mel proceeds to strike Bertz, but Bertz easily avoided it, surprising Mel. Afterward, Bertz makes his getaway and deters Mel from chasing him.

At St. Creek, in Stony Wastelands, Bertz reveals Mel was created by Rahnas and Garrett as an artificial human.


Mel is a quiet girl with a robotic-like personality who responds only to the Abel Faction. She can strike opponents swiftly without notice.


  • Skills used in Vilanciel
    • Allegiant Lapis Lazuli
    • Held Hit
    • All Assault
    • All Attack
  • Skills used in Rokkzalm
    • Allegiant Lapis Lazuli
    • Held Hit
    • Fake Phantom
    • Axial Dissect



She acts under the order of Rahnas.


She works alongside Garrett.


  • Mel's badge on her left arm represents the insignia of the Abel Faction. This is also seen in Rahnas' and Garett's attire.