Egor Mountains
Element Water
Element Water
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Asleep in the Ice 20 5 2,000 100
Element Water Skramya

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  • Skramya has the following attacks:
    • Call Bind - Single target Water attack
    • To a bright new world! - Powerful AoE water attack
    • Frozen Pillar - Massive single target water attack
    • Snow Flake - AoE water attack
  • It is best to attempt this dungeon with a Leader that can nullify status ailments e.g. Guardian Darvanshel, Rebel Angel Elsel, Gemini Il & Mina or Hail Gigantron Reeze.
  • Units that remove or prevent status ailments with their BB/SBB (e.g Alpha Tree Altri & Beast God Exvehl) are also advised if you're not planning on using a leader that nullifies status ailments.
  • If you can't, bring Stimulants as Skramya's attacks can (very likely) cause Paralysis. However, keep in mind that Skramya can paralyze multiple units each turn and so you'll very likely run out.
  • Skramya will gain an ATK & Crit buff after dropping below 50% HP.
  • When below 25% health, Skramya will perform a special attack. Guarding is recommended. Will debuff your units.
  • Mono Thunder teams with Holy Thunder Eze or Holy Shock Emilia are effective against her. Mech God Grybe is also useful for reducing Skramya's damage.
  • If you don't have any rare summon healers bring a Royal Dancer May, preferably an Anima type.

General Zone Details
  • Unlocked after defeating Creator Maxwell in Creator of the World in St. Lamia Palace.
  • Burst Frog and 1 Gem rewarded for first time clear.
  • Blue Grass, Fate Stone, Green Drop, Green Grass, Paladin Stone, Red Drop, Water Eye