Multi-element Damage
Buff ID 29
Passive ID N/A

Multi-element Damage is a type of damage utilizing more than one element to attack an enemy. Due to the similar nature of elemental buffs, multi-element damage will never have any elemental disadvantage against the enemy. Additionally, Elemental Damage Boost effects, with the exception of the base 50% value, are not considered for damage calculations involving elements outside the unit’s original element.

An effect of the similar nature is the Elemental Buff.

Interactions with Elemental Mitigation

Damage will always use the attacker’s original element for damage calculation, even if the elemental mitigation buff includes an element that is part of the attacker’s multi-element attack.

Interactions with Enemy Triggers

If an enemy has an attack that is triggered upon receiving damage from a specific element, it will trigger even when receiving damage from a multi-element attack that includes that particular element.


  • Invictus Xeno Melchio has a multi-element attack (Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, and Light elements) on its BB, SBB, and UBB, and is equipped with Origin Slate.
    • Melchio will deal only 50% more damage against Fire, Water, Earth, and Thunder enemies as opposed to 75% because Melchio’s original element isn’t one of the four elements listed.
    • Melchio will deal 75% more damage against Dark enemies because Melchio’s original element is Light.
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