Normal Attack Mitigation
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 128

Normal Attack Mitigation is an effect that reduces damage taken from Normal Attacks. As with other types of mitigation, Normal Attack Mitigation is passively capped at 50% and will not go higher if attempting to do so.

Currently, Normal Attack Mitigation only exists as a passive. Multiple passive sources of Normal Attack Mitigation stack additively.

Rules with Mitigation Stacking

  • All types of passive mitigation stack additively with each other, but passive mitigation caps at 50%.
    • Conditional mitigation counts as passive mitigation.
    • Using Sacred Purpose Lukroar and Pious Emperor Alza Masta as Squad Leaders while fulfilling Alza Masta’s conditions for 20% damage reduction will result in 50% passive mitigation; however, using Celestial Shield on a unit will not increase its passive mitigation due to achieving the 50% passive mitigation cap.
  • All types of buffed mitigation stack multiplicatively with each other. There is no cap to buffed mitigation.
  • Passive mitigation and buffed mitigation are additive with each other.
  • BB/SBB is considered one category and thus, mitigation buffs coming from BB and SBB will not stack with each other.
    • This can stack with UBB and DBB mitigation, however.
  • Elemental Mitigation cannot be pierced.


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