OD Gauge Fill Rate
Od fill rate.png
Buff ID 84
Passive ID 70

NOTE: This is NOT the same thing as Instant OD Fill. For more information on Instant OD Fill, see Instant OD Fill.

OD Gauge Fill Rate (short for Overdrive Gauge Fill Rate) is an effect that increases the amount of the OD gauge filled after a unit uses certain actions.

OD Gauge

For more information on the OD Gauge, see Overdrive Gauge.

The OD Gauge has an internal limit that initially starts at 10000 upon starting the quest and increases by 5000 after each use of UBB (with the exception of Immortal Phoenix Levarza whose UBB increases the OD gauge internal limit by 10000 instead).

Each of the following actions from each unit is affected by OD gauge fill rate.

Action OD Gauge Points
Normal Attack 300
Brave Burst 100
Super Brave Burst 200


OD Gauge Fill Rate will boost the amount of OD Gauge Points that actions would normally fill.

For example, Mariela has a 20% OD gauge fill rate buff applicable to all allies. While utilizing Mariela’s OD gauge fill rate buffs, this means the following:

  • Normal attacks fill 360 OD Gauge Points (300 * 1.2 = 360)
  • Brave Bursts fill 120 OD Gauge Points (100 * 1.2 = 120)
  • Super Brave Bursts fill 240 OD Gauge Points (200 * 1.2 = 240)

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Od fill rate.png Turn's end OD fill boost DESC_BUFF_ODFILLBOOST Boost to OD gauge fill rate at turn's end.

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