Item frame 3 Spheres

Obsidian Core Amplifier
Sphere icon status boost
Sphere thum 4 6
Item Lore:
A small jet black sphere no bigger than the fist of young child retrieved from the site of the void rift. The occasional flash of purple light from the sphere reveals a highly intricate network of lines carved underneath its smooth surface. Gazia created this power amplifier to boost Zenia’s abilities exponentially. It was specifically designed to forcefully “awaken” Zenia’s potential at manipulating the gates across worlds. With the power amplifier activated, it grants it’s bearer unmatched physical capabilities, at the risk of damaging one’s own body permanently.
Boost to Atk by 80% & chance of damage taken being decreased by 30%
30% chance to reduce damage taken
Sale Price: Zell thum 10,000 Zel
Trade Value: Achievement p thum 1,000 Merit Points
Rarity: 6

Item thum 880101 Obsidian Quartz 1
Item thum 880102 Void Chunk 1
Karma thum Karma

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