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Orebi Galestone
Item thum 880213 Item Lore
Crystallized wind shed from the outer shell of a Revenant. It boggles the mind how air can be compressed into a solid form, but it is more accurately energy. Often used as a catalyst in crafting. Such a material is an odd side effect of Revenant energy, and a great curiosity to researchers. Breaking the crystal releases a harmless, gentle gust.
Crystallized wind shed from a Revenant's shell. Commonly used as a catalyst in crafting.
Sale Price: Zell thum 20 Zel
How to Obtain
  • Raid Battle - RC7: Earth Missions (Revenant - Main Body)
    • Jungle Hunt (max 2 per run)
    • Subterranean Shadow (max 4 per run)
    • Subterranean Shadow II (max 6 per run)
  • Raid Battle - RC7: Dichroma Chaos (Harvest)

Crafts Into
Item Name Quantity
Item thum 880218 Ghostbloom 220
Ls sphere thum 1 3 Living Armor 150

Important Tips

Always target the arms of the Revenant bosses when raiding in Raid Class 7! The only way to obtain more drops from raids is to defeat the body parts of bosses. Consider using Single-Target (ST) nukers such as Czorag to focus on targeting arms to prevent yourself from defeating the main body before the arms.