Sp quest banner guerrilla jewel
Element Light
Element Light
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Jewel Parade! 15 5 1,000 66.67


  • First Clear Reward: 1 Gem
  • Jewel units here have a maximum amount of Zel they can drop:
  • In Boss battle, bosses can appear in these formations:
    • 1 King and 2 Ghosts.
    • 1 God.
Unit ills thum 50133 
General Zone Details
  • The main focus of the Jewel Parade is to capture the units, as they can be sold for a lucrative amount of Zel:
  • Unlike the units found in the Metal Parade, all units here deal and receive normal damage. It is best to use an appropriately leveled squad when doing this dungeon.
  • Units with Zel-based Leader Skills are useful for maximizing the Zel drop potential of the Jewel units during battle.
  • Spheres that affect Zel drop rates are useful for maximizing the Zel drop potential as well.
  • As of March 21 2018, all quests for the dungeon now require 0 energy.
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