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Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Super Metal Parade! 0 5 3,000 3,000


  • First Clear Reward: 1 Gem
  • The Metal units can not be hit for more than 1 damage per hit (except for certain types of Leader Skills like Twin Shot Rickel's, which allows your units to deal 2 damage when Sparking). It is advisable to use units whose attacks hit multiple times for faster kills (this can also be bypassed by using a defense ignore effect to deal normal damage). Their HP is as follows:
    • King - 35 HP
    • God - 100 HP
    • Crystal - 300 HP
  • Metal units of other elements are also obtainable and will be listed below under Monsters.
  • In Boss battle, bosses can appear in these formations:
    • 1 God and 2 Kings
    • 1 Crystal

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General Zone Details
  • 3 Metal Keys are required to enter this dungeon.
  • No Metal Ghosts (or similar) will be encountered here.
  • Using units that can ignore defense through either BB or Leader skill are effective in quick completion of this dungeon. Units such as:
    • Champ Fist Dilma & Dark Warrior Zephyr have a BB that grants a buff to all allies that lets them ignore the DEF of the Metal units. Sacred Flame Lava and Spear King Raydn have the same defense ignoring buff on their SBB.
    • Centurion Melchio & Duel-GX II have Leader skills that grant a chance to ignore the DEF of the Metal units. Duel-GX II is more advisable since it has a higher hit count.
    • The Demon Lance and Divine Spear also offer a chance to ignore enemy defence.
      • Normal Attacks, Single Target and Multi Target BBs & SBBs all have only a single check for defence penetration, whereas every hit of a Random Target BB/SBB has an individual chance to penetrate defence, making units like Douglas and Dia very useful when combined with a Ignore DEF leader or sphere.
  • Using units that can increase spark damage through either BB or Leader skill can deal 2 spark damage instead of 1.
    • Many units such as Mifune have leader skill that can boost damage during spark.
    • Holy Arms Douglas is one of the best units since he has high hit count and his SBB can boost damage during spark.
    • Any Spark Damage Buff Sphere with a 50% or greater increase can be used to achieve double damage through sparks.
  • As of March 21, 2018, all quests for the dungeon now require 0 energy.
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