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Parameter Boost
Atk buff.pngDef buff.pngRec buff.pngCrit rate up.png
Buff ID 5
Passive ID 1
For information on boosting the Hit Points (HP) stat through the use of buffs, see Max HP Boost.

Parameter Boost is an active and a passive effect that increases Hit Points (HP, from passives only), Attack (Atk), Defense (Def), Recovery (Rec), and/or Critical Hit rate. This can buff either a specific element (becoming an Elemental Parameter Boost) or buff all elements (becoming a generic Stat Boost).

As a buff, there exist boosts to Attack, Defense, and Recovery. As a passive, HP can be boosted in addition to the other four stats.

There is no cap to how much stats can be boosted; however, the internal limit for Atk/Def/Rec is 99999 and the internal limit for Critical Hit rate is 100%. It is possible to increase the parameter limits for Attack and HP by breaking them.

Stacking Rules

  • Any source of stat boosts capable of stacking will stack additively.
  • No two stat buffs of the same stat and target effect can stack if they come from the same source.
    • Vesta Padma Michele’s Atk buff on her SBB can stack with stats provided on her Leader Skill because the Atk buff provided by SBB is a buff and the stat boosts provided on Leader Skill are passives.
    • Sacred Emperor Sirius’s Atk/Def/Rec buffs cannot stack with Emerald Tusk Daze’s because they come from the same source (BB/SBB) and they both target all allies.
    • Immortal Firewing Blaze’s Atk buff on his SBB can stack with his self Atk buff on his SBB because both buffs have different target effects.


  • A Lord-type OE+3, max-imped Ancient Calamity Arumat equipped with Sky Orb and Impiety Orb with no Elgif equipped and no SP Enhancement options unlocked will have the following: 38485 HP, 13244 Attack, 5074 Defense, 3784 Recovery.
  • A Lord-type OE+3, max-imped Ancient Calamity Arumat equipped with Sky Orb and Impiety Orb with no Elgif equipped, no SP Enhancement options unlocked, and Arumat's BB buffs active (300% Atk) will have the following: 38485 HP, 31724 Attack, 5074 Defense, 3784 Recovery.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Atk buff.png Atk Up DESC_BUFF_ATKUP Attack increases.
Def buff.png Def Up DESC_BUFF_DEFUP Defense increases.
Rec buff.png Rec Up DESC_BUFF_RECUP Recovery increases.
Crit rate up.png Crt Rate Up DESC_BUFF_CRTRATEUP Boosts critical hit rate.


  • While there is no cap or internal limit to how much the Atk, Def, and Rec stats can be boosted in the Global version of the game, there is a cap of 600% in the Japan version of the game.
  • There are effects that provide stat boosts for the first few specified turns from units and spheres such as Mystical Talon Rhein’s Leader Skill and Amenonuhoko, but they carry different Passive ID, which means that they can stack with regular stat boosts.
    • Stacking rules, however, still apply for this passive - Rhein’s Leader Skill and Amenonuhoko will not stack with each other due to having the same Passive ID and target effect (for the unit under both of these effects).

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Date Description
December 18, 2019
(Version 2.9.0)
  • Critical Hit Rate had its cap increased from 70% to 100%.