Parameter Boost for First X Turns
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 21

Parameter Boost for First X Turns is a passive effect that increases stats by a specified amount at the beginning of a wave for a specified duration. This passive cannot stack with itself but can stack with Parameter Boost additively. The passive has a priority check and will activate the effect in the Sphere effect first if there are multiple of this effect. If not present in the Sphere effects, the Leader Skill has the next highest priority, followed by the Extra Skill effects, and finally followed by the SP options with the lowest priority.

Example of Stacking

  • Water Golem equipped with Variable Arsenal under Seismic Fury Lugina's Leader Skill and Grand Mitrailleur Serin's Extra Skill effect will only have 100% Atk boost for the first 2 turns since the Sphere has higher priority. This will ignore Lugina's 120% Atk boost for the first 2 turns and Serin's 50% Atk boost for the first 5 turns for all allies.
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