Parameter Reduction
Atk down.pngDef down.pngRec down.png
Paradown fire atk.pngParadown fire def.pngParadown fire rec.pngParadown water atk.pngParadown water def.pngParadown water rec.png
Paradown earth atk.pngParadown earth def.pngParadown earth rec.pngParadown thunder atk.pngParadown thunder def.pngParadown thunder rec.png
Paradown light atk.pngParadown light def.pngParadown light rec.pngParadown dark atk.pngParadown dark def.pngParadown dark rec.png
Buff ID 9
Passive ID N/A

Parameter Reduction (commonly referred to as Stat Reduction or Stat Down) is a debuff that decreases a certain stat(s) of the designated target. Similar to how stat calculations work, parameter reductions are subtractive with each other along with stat boosts.

This debuff can stack additively with Parameter Reduction Added to Attack.

Status Cleanse can cleanse all Parameter Reduction debuffs.

Status Negation cannot negate Parameter Reduction debuffs.


  • A unit with a 180% Atk buff and a 50% Atk Down debuff will result in a 130% boost to Atk.
  • A unit with a 180% Atk buff, a 50% Atk Down debuff, and a 30% Atk Down debuff from added Atk reduction to attack, will result in a 100% boost to Atk.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Atk down.png Atk Down DESC_BUFF_ATKDOWN Attack decreases.
Def down.png Def Down DESC_BUFF_DEFDOWN Defense decreases.
Rec down.png Rec Down DESC_BUFF_RECDOWN Recovery decreases.
Paradown fire atk.png Fire Atk Down DESC_BUFF_FIREATKDOWN Decreases Attack for Fire types.
Paradown fire def.png Fire Def Down DESC_BUFF_FIREDEFDOWN Decreases Defense for Fire types.
Paradown fire rec.png Fire Rec Down DESC_BUFF_FIRERECDOWN Decreases Recovery for Fire types.
Paradown water atk.png Water Atk Down DESC_BUFF_WATERATKDOWN Decreases Attack for Water types.
Paradown water def.png Water Def Down DESC_BUFF_WATERDEFDOWN Decreases Defense for Water types.
Paradown water rec.png Water Rec Down DESC_BUFF_WATERRECDOWN Decreases Recovery for Water types.
Paradown earth atk.png Earth Atk Down DESC_BUFF_EARTHATKDOWN Decreases Attack for Earth types.
Paradown earth def.png Earth Def Down DESC_BUFF_EARTHDEFDOWN Decreases Defense for Earth types.
Paradown earth rec.png Earth Rec Down DESC_BUFF_EARTHRECDOWN Decreases Recovery for Earth types.
Paradown thunder atk.png Thunder Atk Down DESC_BUFF_THUNDERATKDOWN Decreases Attack for Thunder types.
Paradown thunder def.png Thunder Def Down DESC_BUFF_THUNDERDEFDOWN Decreases Defense for Thunder types.
Paradown thunder rec.png Thunder Rec Down DESC_BUFF_THUNDERRECDOWN Decreases Recovery for Thunder types.
Paradown light atk.png Light Atk Down DESC_BUFF_LIGHTATKDOWN Decreases Attack for Light types.
Paradown light def.png Light Def Down DESC_BUFF_LIGHTDEFDOWN Decreases Defense for Light types.
Paradown light rec.png Light Rec Down DESC_BUFF_LIGHTRECDOWN Decreases Recovery for Light types.
Paradown dark atk.png Dark Atk Down DESC_BUFF_DARKATKDOWN Decreases Attack for Dark types.
Paradown dark def.png Dark Def Down DESC_BUFF_DARKDEFDOWN Decreases Defense for Dark types.
Paradown dark rec.png Dark Rec Down DESC_BUFF_DARKRECDOWN Decreases Recovery for Dark types.
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