Parameter Reduction Added to Attack
Atk down to attack.pngDef down to attack.pngRec down to attack.png
Buff ID 51
Passive ID N/A

Parameter Reduction Added to Attack is an effect that gives units a chance of reducing stats. This debuff can stack additively with the original variant Parameter Reduction. Similar to how stat calculations work, parameter reductions are subtractive with each other along with stat boosts.

Status Cleanse can cleanse all parameter reduction debuffs.

Interactions with Random Target Attacks

Due to each hit of a random target attack being treated as an attack, this creates instances where the unit utilizing random target attacks can roll through multiple trials of a chance-based effect that is added to attack.

For instance, if Void Pasha Ensa-Taya uses her 40-hit random target BB along with Lovely Princess Alice’s 20% Atk/Def reduction effect on SBB, each one of the 40 hits will have a 20% chance of reducing enemy Atk and Def by 20%. By binomial cumulative distribution, this means Ensa-Taya has an overall 99.9867% chance of reducing 20% Atk/Def. Subsequent procs will not stack.


  • A unit with a 180% Atk buff and a 50% Atk Down debuff will result in a 130% boost to Atk.
  • A unit with a 180% Atk buff, a 50% Atk Down debuff, and a 30% Atk Down debuff from added Atk reduction to attack, will result in a 100% boost to Atk.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Atk down to attack.png Add Atk Down DESC_BUFF_ADDATKDOWN Adds Attack reduction to attack.
Def down to attack.png Add Def Down DESC_BUFF_ADDDEFDOWN Adds Defense reduction to attack.
Rec down to attack.png Add Rec Down DESC_BUFF_ADDRECDOWN Adds Recovery reduction to attack.
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