Parameter Reduction Counter
Status counter debuff atk.pngStatus counter debuff def.pngStatus counter debuff rec.png
Buff ID 130
Passive ID N/A

Parameter Reduction Counter is a buff that upon being attacked, the enemy has their stats lowered. Every individual hit is calculated to be determined if the effect will be activated, rather than the chance to inflict the debuff being on the first hit solely.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Status counter debuff atk.png Prob Atk reduc counter DESC_BUFF_PROB_ATKREDUC Probable Atk reduction when attacked.
Status counter debuff def.png Prob Def reduc counter DESC_BUFF_PROB_DEFREDUC Probable Def reduction when attacked.
Status counter debuff rec.png Prob Rec reduc counter DESC_BUFF_PROB_RECREDUC Probable Rec reduction when attacked.
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