Parameter Reduction Negation
Status negate atk.pngStatus negate def.pngStatus negate rec.png
Buff ID 73
Passive ID 73

Parameter Reduction Negation nullifies the chance of a unit to receive an Atk reduction, Def reduction, and Rec reduction

Interactions with the Status Negation

This can negate Stat Debuffs such as Atk Down, Def Down, and Rec Down that Status Negation can not do. It does not cure Stat Debuffs that have already been afflicted.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Status negate atk.png Res Atk Down DESC_BUFF_RESISTATKDOWN Resistance against Attack reductions.
Status negate def.png Res Def Down DESC_BUFF_RESISTDEFDOWN Resistance against Defense reductions.
Status negate rec.png Res Rec Down DESC_BUFF_RESISTRECDOWN Resistance against Recovery reductions.
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