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These are events that remain permanent in the Vortex Gate and will not disappear from the gate.

Sp quest banner grandgaia f 3

Sp quest banner grandgaia g 3

Event Duration: 30 minutes after the player has used the key

In order to obtain a Metal Key or Jewel Key, one must go to the Akras Summoners' Hall Administration Office in Imperial Capital Randall and tap Receive Key. Metal Keys are distributed every day except for Wednesdays and weekends. On Wednesday, instead of Metal Keys, Jewel Keys are distributed instead. No keys are available for claim on weekends. Up to 50 Metal Keys, Jewel Keys and Imp Keys can be kept respectively. 1 Metal Key or 1 Jewel Key can be used to unlock Metal Parade or Jewel Parade respectively or 3 Keys can be used to unlock Super Metal Parade or Super Jewel Parade. 5 Keys are required to unlock Mega Metal Parade or Mega Jewel Parade. Imp Keys are available at the Exchange Hall

Note: 1 Gem will be awarded for the first time completion of each Parade.