Piercing DoT
Pierce dot.png
Buff ID 11001
Passive ID N/A

Piercing DoT (often referred to as "%HP DoT" or "Piercing Additional Damage") is an effect that deals damage to afflicted enemies at the end of the turn. Unlike the original counterpart of DoT, Piercing DoT ignores all mitigation buffs that can reduce DoT damage and deals damage equal to a portion of an enemy’s max HP similar to Proportional Damage. Despite this, Piercing DoT can still be nullified by Damage Immunity effects.

This effect is most common on skills of units with the following Elemental Synergies: Blaze, Tsunami, Tremor, Plasma, Aurora, and Abyss

Interactions with Gradual Healing

This effect will always occur before Gradual Healing takes effect, making it a common strategy and a necessity to use Gradual Healing to counter DoT.

Interactions with Turn’s End to Start Effects

Unlike Gradual Healing and Gradual BB Gauge Boost, DoT will always occur at the end of the turn and cannot be manipulated by any means. It is highly advised to not use Turn’s End to Start effects, as units will become highly vulnerable without utilizing Gradual Healing to survive the incoming attacks on the following turn.

Interactions with Shields

Shields take damage from DoT rather than the unit's HP. Should the shield wear off as a result of DoT, the remaining damage will be dealt to the unit's HP.


DoT = [(UnbuffedATK x (DoT% + 100)/100) - (TotalEnemyDEF/3)] * Element Mod /100

UnbuffedATK = Base ATK + DoT Flat ATK + Imp ATK

TotalEnemyDEF = Enemy DEF after all buffs

Element Mod = 1.5 if strong element, 0.5 if resisted element, 1.0 otherwise (unaffected by EWD)

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Pierce dot.png MaxHPDoT DESC_BUFF_MAXHPDOT Max HP Damage taken.
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