Player EXP Boost
Buff ID 79
Passive ID 97
"EXP Boost" redirects here. If you're looking for EXP boosts related to Summoner Avatar, see Summoner EXP Boost.

Player EXP Boost is an effect that provides additional EXP upon finishing a quest.

Each quest has a set predetermined amount of EXP yielded to the player upon completion. Should the player have any Player EXP Boost effects, the amount of EXP earned from the quest is multiplied by the total EXP Boost value from all sources and by the EXP Boost provided by the player’s Guild.

EXP Boosts can appear from the following sources:

EXP Boosts will always remain active, even when Leader Skills and Extra Skills become invalidated.

Player EXP Boost does not increase the amount of EXP earned in Summoner Avatar mode.


Total EXP Yield = EXP Earned from Quest * Quest EXP Multiplier * (Leader Skill 1 + Leader Skill 2 + Extra Skills + SP Enhancements) * Guild EXP Boost


  • Completing Fal Nerga’s Ascended Dragon’s Eye using Chivalrous Thief Zelnite lead and friend (both with the “Enhances LS's EXP boost effect” SP Enhancement option unlocked) while 2x EXP Event is ongoing and being in a guild with 50% EXP Boost.
    • Base EXP from completing Ascended Dragon’s Eye is 8,550 EXP.
    • Because 2x EXP Event is ongoing, the base EXP value is multiplied by 2.
    • Zelnite lead provides a 15% boost to EXP gained. With two leads, EXP boosts are additive with each other, totaling up to 30%.
    • Guild EXP Boost is 50% in this scenario.
    • The total EXP yield becomes 33,345.

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