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English Promise
English (Translated) Randall ~A Promise to Meet Again~
Japanese ランドール〜再会への約束〜
Composer Hikoshi Hashimoto
Length 2:11
Length (OST) 2:35
Zel Cost 252500 Zell thum

"A popular ancient song said to be from Randall."

Promise is a musical piece composed by Hikoshi Hashimoto that is used in Brave Frontier. It is also the seventeenth song in Disc 3 of the Brave Frontier Original Soundtrack.


"Promise" plays in the following:

  • Certain cutscenes, most notably Tilith's farewell in Bariura

This song is also used in episodes of the Brave News Channel on the Brave Frontier Official Channel.

How to Unlock[]

This song becomes available for purchase in the Music House upon clearing "Facing the Sealed God" in Bariura's Grand Gaia Crater.