Proportional Damage
Buff ID 27
Passive ID N/A

Proportional Damage is damage from an attack that deals damage equal to a portion of an enemy’s max HP. This damage can be reduced with any type of mitigation or guarding; otherwise, proportional damage cannot be reduced nor increased by any other means, including Def buffs and damage buffs.

In the case of proportional damage being randomized between two values, the proportional value will always be an integer. For example, Time-Weaver Elaina’s UBB deals proportional damage between 5% and 8%, which means Elaina will deal 5%, 6%, 7%, or 8% of the foe’s max HP.

There are different variants that include Proportional Damage, including attacks that have proportional damage in addition to an attack, attacks that have either proportional damage or an attack, and attacks that deal only proportional damage.

A counterpart of Proportional Damage is Piercing Proportional Damage.


  • An enemy with 1,000,000 HP hit by an attack that deals 10% of the enemy’s max HP will always deal 100,000 damage, assuming no mitigation buff is active.
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