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Item frame 5 Raid Materials & Items

Proto Scale
Item thum 880100 Item Lore
A long, sharp scale of unknown material, said to hail from the time of the ancients. This can be used as a component in crafting.

The researchers are divided on whether this scale is organic in origin or was deliberately crafted to look that way. Whatever it is, the beautiful patterns on its surface are mesmerizing to behold.
A sharp scale from the time of the ancients in Orebus. This can be used as a crafting component.
Sale Price: Zell thum 20 Zel
How to Obtain
  • Orebus Paradise - First time completion reward
  • Achievement System - Daily Challenges (Jan. 24, 00:00 PST - Feb. 6, 21:59 PST (2019))
  • Raid Battle - RC7
    • Hot on the Trail (max 4 per run)
    • Slippery Spoor (max 4 per run)
    • Jungle Hunt (max 4 per run)
    • Chasing Storms (max 4 per run)
    • Lightfinder (max 4 per run)
    • Piercing the Gloom (max 4 per run)
    • Dichroma Chaos (Harvest)
  • Video slots - Drops from the free daily slots (fixed amount of 15)

Crafts Into
Item Name Quantity
Item thum 880102 Revenant Soul 100
Sphere thum 2 1 Dragonbane 350