Raid Parameter Boost
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Buff ID 902
Passive ID N/A

Raid Parameter Boost is an effect that increases Attack, Defense, Recovery and/or Critical Hit Rate stats of all units of all players in a Raid Quest. This effect can only be activated during a Raid Quest while the player is on the map outside battle, but will remain in effect during battle.

This effect can stack with other types of Parameter Boost effects. The stat boosts from Raid Parameter Boosts cannot stack with each other, but instead, their durations can stack.

Currently, Atk Crystal and Revenant Fragment are the only items that can provide this effect.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Raid buff atk.png Raid Atk Up DESC_BUFF_RAIDATKUP Boosts Attack of nearby Units in Raid battles.
Raid buff def.png Raid Def Up DESC_BUFF_RAIDDEFUP Boosts Defense of nearby Units in Raid battles.
Raid buff rec.png Raid Rec Up DESC_BUFF_RAIDRECUP Boosts Recovery of nearby Units in Raid battles.
Raid buff crit.png Raid Crt Up DESC_BUFF_RAIDCRTUP Boosts critical rate of nearby Units in Raid battles.
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