Random Target Damage
Buff ID 13
Passive ID N/A

Random Target Damage (abbreviated as RT) is a target type that a select amount of skills carry. Each hit of a Random Target Attack will select a random target to attack.

Random Targets are unique in that each hit is considered a separate attack, but the BB Atk and damage distributions are evenly divided for each random hit.

Random Targets cannot land critical hits.

Interactions with Effects Added to Attack

Due to each hit of a random target attack being treated as an attack, this creates instances where the unit utilizing random target attacks can roll through multiple trials of a chance-based effect that is added to attack.

For instance, if Void Pasha Ensa-Taya uses her 50-hit random target BB, each one of the 50 hits will have a 20% chance of inflicting Paralysis, Injury, Weakness, and Sickness. By binomial cumulative distribution, this means Ensa-Taya has a 99.9985% chance of inflicting status ailments.

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