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Red Claw
Item thum 500.png Item Lore
This rare red claw is found in the mountains around St. Lamia, such as the Volcano Eldent or Mt. Wistorea. They are well-known weapon materials. It's said that a renowned Sphere tempered with a Red Claw will gain a powerful effect. They can be found in Elgaia, but are much more common in St. Lamia.
The red fossil of a great beast's claw found in the St. Lamia region.
Sale Price: Zell thum.png 30 Zel
How to Obtain
  • Harvesting in Town's Mountain
  • St. Lamia - Volcano Eldent - The Banished Fire Dragon: Thief Leon and Salamander (19)
  • St. Lamia - Mt. Wistorea - The Riotous Thunderbird: Grafl

Crafts Into
Item Name Quantity
Sphere thum 1 5.png Beast Blade 10