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Regular Damage
Buff ID 1
Passive ID N/A

Regular Damage (not to be fully confused with Normal Attack) is simply the damage that comes from the attack launched from a skill, such as a unit's Brave Burst (BB/SBB/UBB/DBB) and an enemy's skill. The skill of which uses Regular Attack will always use the base element of the unit or enemy using it.

For example, Xenon, Son of Elysia using his SBB "Overwhelming Oppression" will always deal damage using Dark element due to Xenon being a Dark unit. However, Estia, Regalia of Elysia using "Overwhelming Oppression" (through the use of Bonded Super Brave Burst will always deal damage using Light element due to Estia being a Light unit.

For more information on damage mechanics, see Damage.

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