Buff ID 12
Passive ID N/A

Revive is an effect that resurrects the target from being KO’d. Various Revive buffs revive the target with a set amount of HP.

A counterpart of this effect is Chance Revive.

This effect is exclusively seen on the following items:

Item thum 21100.png Revive
Item thum 21110.png Revive Light
Item thum 21100.png Full Revive
Item thum 800017.png Crescent Dew
Item thum 890020.png Mountain Jewel

Enemies such as Logistics Support Lin in Hall of Challengers and Rainbow Goddess Tilith in The Rainbow Goddess are capable of instantly reviving the player's units.

Interactions with Doom

The Doom debuff counters Revive, preventing units from being able to be revived for a specific amount of turns.

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