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Item frame 3 Spheres

Sakura Medal
Sphere thum 819158 Item Lore
A medal awarded to the victors of battles long-gone, it bestows power and grace to its wearer.
45% boost to all parameters, damage taken considerably boosts BB gauge, 10% damage reduction & 50% additional damage reduction
Guild Raid: Adds huge HP restoration for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB & adds Def ignoring effect to attack
Effect Values
Passive Effect Potency
Stat up icon Parameter Boost 45% boost to all parameters
Bb when attacked buff BC Fill when attacked Damage taken boosts BB gauge by 3~4 BC
Dot miti Damage over Time Mitigation Reduces DoT damage by 50%
Regular mitigation Normal Mitigation Reduces damage taken by 10%
Amnesia Added Effect to Brave Burst Guild Raid Only: Adds 4500~5000 + 10% Rec HP restoration effect for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB
Ignore defense buff Ignore Defense Guild Raid Only: 100% chance of ignoring enemy's Defense
Sale Price: Zell thum 30,000 Zel Type: Sphere icon damage reducing Damage Reducing
Trade Value: Achievement p thum 5,000 Merit Points Rarity: 7★
How to Obtain
Trivia, Additional Information & Notes