Self Parameter Boost
Self atk buff.pngSelf def buff.pngSelf rec buff.pngSelf crit buff.png
Buff ID 78
Passive ID N/A

Self Parameter Boost is a buff and a passive that increases Attack (Atk), Defense (Def), Recovery (Rec), and/or Critical Hit rate to the targeted unit only.

There is no cap to how much stats can be boosted; however, the internal limit for Atk/Def/Rec is 99999 and the internal limit for Critical Hit rate is 100%. It is possible to increase the parameter limits for Attack by breaking them.

Unlike its party-wide variant, self stat buffs can stack with the party-wide variant even provided by the same category of skills.

Self Parameter Boosts can also come in negative values. Crimson Phoenix Farlon and Vicious Twin-Edge Logan both have -50% Def self parameter boosts on their SBB.

Stacking Rules

  • Any source of stat boosts capable of stacking will stack additively.
  • No two self stat buffs of the same stat and target effect can stack if they come from the same source.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff' Namespaced ID' In-Game Description'
Atk down lock.png Atk Down (Locked) DESC_BUFF_ATKDOWNLOCK Attack permanently decreases.
Def down lock.png Def Down (Locked) DESC_BUFF_DEFDOWNLOCK Defense permanently decreases.
Rec down lock.png Rec Down (Locked) DESC_BUFF_RECDOWNLOCK Recovery permanently decreases.
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