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Soul Splendor
Item thum 800106 Item Lore
The combined essences of all elemental Revenants, pulsing in a comforting, harmonious vibe, are concentrated within this palm-sized orb. Extremely rare and sought-after as a crafting material due to its wondrous properties. The energy-rich debris of Orebus has infused abandoned Guardians with what Giselle believes are the deceased souls of Orebus inhabitants. As a result, the aptly named Revenants carry fragmented memories within their elemental bodies. Concentrating their essences into a single source results in a truly splendid sight.
An orb containing the combined essence of all Revenants. Extremely rare material for crafting.
Carry Limit: 0
Sale Price: Zell thum 5,000 Zel