Spark Boost
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Buff ID 23
Passive ID 31

Spark Boost is an effect that boosts Spark damage. If multiple Spark Boosts effects are used, they will stack additively, regardless if the boosts are buffs and passives. It is one of three multiplicative damage bonuses, with the other two being Elemental Damage Boost and Critical Damage Boost.

Unlike other damage bonus buffs, Spark Boost buffs can activate and update in the middle of unit attack animations.

Unlike Critical Damage Boost effects which have a hard cap of 700%, Spark bonuses do not have a cap.

For more information on sparking, see Spark.

Certain Spark Boost effects can also boost BC, HC, and Item drop rate upon sparking, including items such as the following. Much like Spark Boost and Drop Rate effects, BC/HC Drop Rate on Spark effects occur on a per hit basis, stacking additively to their respective bonuses.

List of Items with Drop Rate Effects
Ls sphere thum 9 8.png Ambrosia Wine Ls sphere thum 9 1.png Glittering Mirror Sphere thum 5 1.png Flag Flower
Sphere thum 3 5.png Existence Jewel Sphere thum 5 8.png Sacred Axe Sphere thum 3 3.png Purgatory Verse
Sphere thum 5 8.png Regent Diadem Sphere thum 1 5.png Gray Gauntlet Sphere thum 819136.png Jubilee Orb
Sphere thum 819171.png Lucky Crescent Sphere thum 819173.png Yue'yuan Sphere thum 5 9.png Quintan Emerald
Sphere thum 5 1.png Buccaneer Banner

Interactions with Elemental Paradigm

If the conditions for Paradigm 3 are met, all Spark Boost effects will have their buff durations extended by 1 turn.

Examples of Stacking

Spark Damage

BC/HC/Item Drop Rate

  • A unit equipped with Quintan Emerald will have a total BC drop rate of 85% (35% as base BC drop rate + 50% from Quintan Emerald) and a total HC drop rate (10% as base HC drop rate + 50% from Quintan Emerald) of 60% only on hits that spark. Otherwise, non-sparking hits will have a BC drop rate of 35% and an HC drop rate of 10%.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Spark buff.png Spark Up DESC_BUFF_SPARKUP Boosts damage produced during Spark.
Spark buff hc.png Spark HC DESC_BUFF_SPARKHC Boosts HC drop rate produced during Spark.
Spark buff bc.png Spark BC DESC_BUFF_SPARKBC Boosts BC drop rate produced during Spark.
Spark buff item.png Spark Item DESC_BUFF_SPARKITEM Boosts Item drop rate produced during Spark.

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